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Millennial Minutes: Five Things

Millennial Minutes: Five Things

Ah, Monday (yes, I know that it’s Tuesday). The start of another week (and the countdown to Christmas edges ever nearer). I often find myself struggling with what to write about on this blog, treading the fine line between wanting to maintain a professional space while also sharing my personal life with you. I started blogging as a way to build relationships with people who may be experiencing the same things as me but it has become too much of a chore of late.

How does one combat that? Well, I’ve decided that every Monday I will try to kickoff the week by sharing Five Things. Five things about what, you ask? I’m not sure. Five things about whatever my thoughts, feelings, experiences have been in that past week. Or  maybe it’s five things I’m looking forward to. Regardless, I’m going to start sharing Five Things on a weekly basis and I encourage each of you to share your five things with me in the comments below!

Army Beat Navy

army beat navy

Y’all, I still can’t even. I also still don’t have a voice. Remember that 101 in 1001 list I did awhile back? Well, I can now cross one (two) more thing(s) off of that list. Watch the vlog from Army-Navy here!

Wedding Planning

round 1 ct engagement ring with twisted pave band

I took a step back from wedding planning after we looked at our first venue to just kind of let it all sink in. Now I’m back at it and seriously cannot stop myself from picking up five new bridal magazines every time I’m at the store. You can read what I think every engaged couple should do immediately after saying, “YES” here!

PS: Leave me any wedding related post/video requests in the comments below!

12 Days Until Christmas

Who else is ready for Christmas cookies and cocoa?

Novel Babes Book Club

novel babes book club

Y’all. I am SO EXCITED to announce that I’ve partnered up with 20+ other bloggers from the amazing InfluenceHer Collective to bring you the Novel Babes Book Club. Each month, we will be selecting a new book to read and have monthly Twitter chats. Our first book is Big Magic which your girl has been dying to read. You can join the club here!

Greetings from AK!

Yes, I’m headed to spend Christmas in Alaska! This will be my third trip there and I absolutely cannot wait to go back and see my (now) future in-laws! J and I actually get to act like a normal couple while we’re there and I can’t wait for the daily movie dates. Read about my trip this summer here!

5 Things You Should Do After Getting Engaged

5 Things You Should Do After Getting Engaged