Welcome Y'all!

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I’m Darrian and I still wear leggings as pants, believe coffee and Diet Coke are part of the food pyramid, and think that Netflix and Chill actually means “Let’s watch Netflix on the couch and snuggle for the entire day.” (Thankfully, my boyfriend does too).

More importantly, I’m a 20-something Millennial who is trying to live her life to the fullest.

If you’ve found yourself here then there’s a good chance you may be experiencing some of the following feelings: anxiousness over adulting (um, same), restlessness in your current job or post-grad situation (or even college situation, I don’t judge), just straight up confusion on the dating front, or maybe you’re just looking for other Millennials who are making things happen (or trying to… with as much grace as possible). Let me tell you, you’ve come to the right place.

I may not have all the answers (trust me, I really don’t) but I’m hoping that by sharing my lessons learned with all of you, we can figure out how to better adult together. My true goal, however, is to create a squad of Millennial go-getters who never quit challenging each other to live life to the fullest #SquadGoals.

More About Me:

Justin (my boyfriend) goes to West Point, where I also work.

I have two dogs named Gatsby and Hemingway.

I'm only 4'11" (and Justin is over 6'0").

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